July 2016

Beware of the Nicolas Cage Death Hoax!

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If a recent social media news is to be believed, then the famous ‘Face-Off’ actor Nicolas Cage is dead! This, however, is a complete hoax. Online scammers have a knack to misuse human emotions as a cash cow. A case in point are the celebrity death hoaxes. Earlier, we had...

Third-Party Apps becomes significant source of Malware Attacks on Android Smartphones

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We love options! But smart people also love the authenticity of the options available. Most of us rely on Google Play Store or Windows Store to download our favorite apps because they are the official pre-installed app for Android and Windows devices and hence, a trusted source. Google Play or...

Alert! Fake Pokémon GO apps are on the rise

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Mobile gaming apps are nothing new anymore. Thousands of them come and go, probably every week. But, there is a time when an app comes along that takes the entire world by storm. I am talking about the Pokémon GO app which has become the new Internet darling, sensation, rage;...

Beware of the Godless Malware

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You might have heard of the Godless Android malware that surfaced last month. This post explains some important facts around the malware, and how you can stay away from it. What is the Godless Malware? Carrying a bit of an intimidating name, ‘Godless’ is a malware that targets Android phones...

The Rio Olympics: Big Event. Bigger Stakes. Huge Online Scams

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The month of August will witness some of the best performances by world class athletes in 2016 Rio Olympics. Considering the magnitude of the event, the online scammers have made best use of the platform to launch phishing attacks, lottery scams, counterfeit offers, merchandising schemes and more. As athletes prepare...

Check if your Online Account has been Leaked in a Data Breach

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A data breach is defined as an incident where private and confidential information is illegally viewed, used or accessed by a malicious entity. In May 2016, passwords of over 100 million LinkedIn users were stolen by hackers in a major data breach. Similar incidents of data breach have occurred in...

Alert! Don’t click links in SMSs received from unknown numbers

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Almost every one of us receives one promotional SMS every day on our mobile phone. Some of these SMSs could be from known entities like our favorite apparel store, food joint or shoe store. And some SMSs could be from totally unknown ones like astrologers or love gurus and so...

Solution to system startup issue faced by Quick Heal users

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Some of our users might be facing system startup issues. This blog post explains the solution to the problem. Problem description A certain group of Quick Heal users has reported to be experiencing system startup issues. The issue occurred after users received the update that was released on 30th June...